Epilepsy Association Featured on Florida State Homes

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in EACF news, Epilepsy Awareness, epilepsy news, Featured | 2 comments

We were recently featured in an article, The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida Raises Awareness about an Oft-Ignored Condition Impacting Millions.

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2 Responses to “Epilepsy Association Featured on Florida State Homes”

  1. Iam a abnormal epileptic I’ve been on all the med and nothing works someone must be with me all the time one time I almost died in the bathtub , seizure that fast I was on disabled me and my 95 yr old mom we lost our home because my dad died of brain cancer and we could not pay the taxes I wish to hit lottery so me and mommy could be together she was my best friend freon my heart maryann

  2. Jason e nazarian says:

    I’ve had epilepsy for a little more than 41years, since the age of six. I was born in 1969. I worked for most of my life. Well till the age of 37. Between my epilepsy and having open heart surgery. I had to go out on disability. Wich helps but it’s just not fair! I’ve always excelled in everything I’ve done! But growing up in poverty, with health issues. I was never able to do what I really wanted. I have seizures every night. I’ve learned how to control them while I’m awake. Trust me, when I tell you it takes a strong mind, to beat a seizure!!! My point in all of this. Please if there’s a group of people that help, people with epilepsy, become first time home buyers! Me and my wife, would love the help. Or any advice.. would be great!