EACF: Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Results

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Our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Results Are In

July 2013 – May 2014 

quality surveyThe Epilepsy Association of Central Florida is proud of the work we do and proud to share it with you.

This survey is of the clients we serve in our Epilepsy Services Program Case Management Program.  210 completed surveys were returned to us out of 670 unique individuals surveyed for a response rate of 31%.  We thank those that took the time to respond. 


Question:  Overall I am satisfied with the care and service I receive from the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida = 98%

Question:  I have better seizure control = 92%

Question: I know more about my seizures = 94%

Question:  I feel better now discussing my seizure disorder = 92%

Question: The Epilepsy Association Staff treated me with courtesy = 97%

Question: I am more independent in taking care of my needs now = 92%

Question:  I am getting good medical care from my neurologist = 94%

Question: My overall quality of life has improved = 84%

Question:  I feel better about myself = 88%

The average number of times in the previous year a person called 911 or went to the hospital emergency room prior to coming to the Epilepsy Association was 4.4.

After being in the program this year it was down to .35 or a 92% reduction.

2 Responses to “EACF: Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Results”

  1. Eunice Beauchman says:

    Without you I’d have no meds…no neurologist…and no hope. You gave me
    A fantastic case worker, a doc who spent time with me sorting out issues. I am
    Grateful for the program!